Sunday, 22 April 2012

Style Can Make a Career

During my flight from Rotterdam The Hague Airport towards London City, an article in City Jet magazine (airline in cooperation with KLM) for April 2012 talked about a famous interior designer named Kelly Hoppen from London who was able to attract important clients thanks to her style. She is reputed for being the "Queen of Cream" for her signature neutral schemes (including taupes, chocolates, and beiges) as reported by journalist Ann Wallace, blending Western interiors with Eastern philosophies. Hoppen having had fashion knowledge from her father's profession knew just what an impact ones way of dress could have on others. Afterall first impressions are the so called make or break it, which she stated in her interview on how "having a strong trademark style helps you to attract the clients you ultimately want to work for and who trust in what you do". With great passion and the confidence in allowing others to have trust in your abilities, the probability of success can be elevated! Starting from a small job designing the interior of her father's friend she now designs homes for top elites like David & Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Elton John as well as hotels (Murmuri Barcelona for example) alongside her seven published books plus her established design school founded in 2003! And where one might not think at first, Hoppen believes interior design and fashion come hand in hand; "choosing your home's style is a similar process to choosing a piece of couture clothing - it should fit you like a glove", realised when meeting with Meleni Bharwani, creative Director of Earth Couture of whom make and support organic textiles (for many industries). Though not everyone may agree, I acknowledge that how one percieves another is reflected in part with style! Conclusion, style can determine a career!

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