Saturday, 28 April 2012

London Trip - How to Pack Effectively

Before leaving to London, I had struggled packing. At first I had many items of clothing I wanted to bring along with me for the five day stay, but in reality bringing an excess of attires can be tiring and may lead to extra charges (having more than required luggage weight). For girls this is not uncommon obviously, most probably bring their entire wardrobe with three or more suitcases! Totally unnecessary.. and as for guys, though we often tend to limit ourselves, sometimes that can be difficult. Knowing much about London, I was well aware of the fashion capital and the sophistication in clothing many people wear. That was mainly the biggest issue I had, as I wanted to be dressed well for day to day basis (not to mention I was visiting universities for next year). That said, I had to plan strategically by mixing different (limited amounts of) clothing encompassing one (regular size) suitcase that would mash well together. At first, I had picked the color blue and gray (mainly from two blazers) as a definite element I wanted encompassed in my looks. Having had that in mind, I happened to have a pair of sneakers that have blue, silver, and white color blocking which were perfect! From there on, I had to focus on under-layers. To have a small variety, I picked out a blue polo and a yellow T-shirt that both mix well with blue or gray! As for bottoms, I wanted a different color and therefore went for my black denim jeans (tip: black goes with everything) as well as a gray chino (which looked great with the gray blazer having a pop of color from the shoes or shirt/polo). That made a total of, if curious, five items (including a sweater if ever cold) excluding one outfit I had worn with me during travel (as well as coat) and underwear/socks in addition to toiletries. So the key to successful packing in my theory is to first think of elements for your upcoming looks; whether color, type (e.g. suits and blazers if plan to be on business trip), shape, or texture! From then on, pick clothes that fit the chosen element criteria and try to make models by exchanging a regulated quantity of clothes (from one outfit to another).

Day 1 & 2


Day 3

Day 4
Sorry for Day 5 had not taken any pictures, but for an outlook (gray chino + gray blazer + yellow tee). Thank you!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Harrods - London's Fashion Haven

If anyone plans to have a fantastic fashion/shopping experience, Harrods is definately the place to go!! Though most of the stores can be found within main districts such as Oxford Circus, New Bond Street, Picadilly, and Regents Street, if you want easy access without the stuggles of walking in scattered crowds this is probably the best place (Selfridges is another great department store for interests). Affordable brands like Topman, COS, and J Brands can be found as well as for the more exclusives like Dolce&Gabbana, Balmain or Dunhill. From clothing to accessories and bags there is a wide selection covering two whole floors for mens, though most can be found at the lower level! I myself had gone looking for mens jewelry as I have very few apart from a watch. At first, I had found a crystal ring by Hermes but of course the price was an astounding 800 pounds (as it is a well recognized international luxury brand). Moreover the ring did not fit (ranges 50-54), and though the shopping assistant was kind enough take the privelege in shipping a bigger size from Manchester, I had to refuse due to the price. Looking around some more I came across a bracelet by Dolce&Gabbana for 195 pounds (with a leather brown wrist band and little golden charms). Definately more affordable than Hermes, and was something rare to find in London (unless you're in Italy). Therefore, I ended up buying the bracelet having saved money for 3 months! Other small gadgets I had seen were wallets by Tods at 190 pounds which I had somewhat an appreciation for but ended up choosing the bracelet as that was my goal! Overall proud with my purchase!

Visit Harrods Online:

Monday, 23 April 2012

British Designs

Today was a great day to explore past British fashions from the mid-1900s onwards at the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kenningston, London. Famous works produced by Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood were to be observed. Being very sneaky, I was able to take pictures of the displays though I got told twice that cameras were not allowed. Many idols of the time included The Beatles, David Bowie and Bon Jovi of whom played a role in changing fashion with their patch leather jackets, fringe, and even make-up..! A great exhibition to visit for all interested in 'British Design - 1948-2012'!


Carol McNicoll 1943 for Brian Eno
Gold Lame worn by Marc Bolan 1970s
Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren

Queen Elizabeth II Dress, Paris 1957

Harris Tweed & Tartan, Vivienne Westwood 
Antony Price 1946 for Bryan Ferry
John Galliano for Christian Dior S/S 2000
Hussein Chalayan Tulle Dress 2011
Alexander McQueen Fall 2009
Hussein Chalayan Video Dress 2007
British Tailoring
Dresses 1980s & 90s

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Style Can Make a Career

During my flight from Rotterdam The Hague Airport towards London City, an article in City Jet magazine (airline in cooperation with KLM) for April 2012 talked about a famous interior designer named Kelly Hoppen from London who was able to attract important clients thanks to her style. She is reputed for being the "Queen of Cream" for her signature neutral schemes (including taupes, chocolates, and beiges) as reported by journalist Ann Wallace, blending Western interiors with Eastern philosophies. Hoppen having had fashion knowledge from her father's profession knew just what an impact ones way of dress could have on others. Afterall first impressions are the so called make or break it, which she stated in her interview on how "having a strong trademark style helps you to attract the clients you ultimately want to work for and who trust in what you do". With great passion and the confidence in allowing others to have trust in your abilities, the probability of success can be elevated! Starting from a small job designing the interior of her father's friend she now designs homes for top elites like David & Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Elton John as well as hotels (Murmuri Barcelona for example) alongside her seven published books plus her established design school founded in 2003! And where one might not think at first, Hoppen believes interior design and fashion come hand in hand; "choosing your home's style is a similar process to choosing a piece of couture clothing - it should fit you like a glove", realised when meeting with Meleni Bharwani, creative Director of Earth Couture of whom make and support organic textiles (for many industries). Though not everyone may agree, I acknowledge that how one percieves another is reflected in part with style! Conclusion, style can determine a career!