Friday, 20 April 2012

Outfit #2

This is my second outfit in regard to the post on denim! Jeans are probably what I wear most when it comes to the textile. And basically no further! Nonetheless, it did not stop me from finding a great denim button-up shirt from Esprit. Though the inspiring quote "this moment is your life" sewn on probably gravitated me more to purchase, the shirt remains an iconic piece. Personally however, dressing full-on denim I find distasteful unless it is of different dye (color). Same as for bib overalls, in my opinion tacky or for the farm, a mismatch to trends nowadays. As for spring and summer, this was my improvisation of denim according to my style (with different colored pieces). 

  • Cotton Denim Button-up Shirt, €29.99, Esprit, store Den Haag
  • White Jeans, Guess?, store London 
  • All Star Sneakers, Converse, Pro store Den Haag

  • Can also viewed at: (online daily fashion photoblog)

    Thursday, 19 April 2012

    Power of Denim

    Denim were first worn by American gold miners and cowboys of the Midwest. It was an ideal fabric for its sturdiness and long durability. Moreover, it maintained its color without risks of wearing out. In the 60s and 70s, it started becoming a flair thanks to the universal brand Levis founded in 1853 by Leob Strauss. From regular blue jeans, denim rapidly transcended into other attires such as jackets and shirts in the 80s. Ultimately, demand boomed leading to other renowned designers to join the competitive market. Present day, jeans are still a popular grab! And for the most part, other denim pieces as well! Inevitably, denim was spotted within a few of the 2012 spring/summer collections!

    Vivienne Westwood


    Cool Alternative to Jeans: Chinos

    Jeans are great, not going to lie, I have many of them as probably many people do! Yet, jeans can sometimes come off as ordinary, especially for a guy as we do not have as many options (apart from shorts or formal wear) compared to girls in relation to the lower part of our body. Not saying we should wear a dress, that's way too extreme, but if any of you want to change to something different.. chinos, also called 'khakis' are a great alternative! Originally worn by military soldiers during the two World Wars, they are now becoming a popular trend and they fit just as well as jeans do! I even find them to be more versatile and comfortable! And what's even better is that they come in a wider variety of colours than jeans, which can help elevate an outfit without too much effort.

    Wednesday, 18 April 2012

    Outfit #1

    Hey everyone! Here is my first outfit which I thought matched well with the trends of the color blue for spring and summer. Personally, I prefer to play and match different colors together unlike on my previous post where most runway looks projected blue from head to toe. Though I am into designers, it can be really expensive. I would have to save up for a couple months (aka spend less) or it would have to be a special occasion, like a birthday. And not to to brag, but that sometimes meant one present for the entire year, which isn't bad at all since it was my own choice. However affording top quality goods does not always have to be by a brand. As a student, and probably for most, I too look to more affordable outlets. Mixing designers with normal sets of clothing is not bad at all, or even without, its not the price you pay but most importantly how you wear them. And most of all, stay true to one and style! Mine leans towards casually classic, with suave cuts and not an excess of outspoken details (though a few can sometimes be okay).


  • Pique Blazer, €69.99, Pull&Bear, store Den Haag
  • Brown Cotton Chinos, €19.99, H&M, store Leiden
  • Spring/Summer 2011 Contrast Lace-ups, Gucci, store Paris

  • Can also viewed at: (online daily fashion photoblog)

    Tuesday, 17 April 2012

    Armani Blues

    For the warm seasons of the year 2012 collections from the Armani lines including Emprorio Armani, Giorgio Armani, and the more affordable (youth label) Armani Exchange emphasized many of their collections with pops of impeccable blues of neutral or faded shades. Inspired by the mother (blue) pearl and its shells in reflection of the crystal blue waters of the ocean, the color exuded lightness to the clothing giving definitions of highlights, lines and overall shapes loosely clinging on to the body intended by designer's 'deconstructed tailoring'.

    Giorgio Armani 
    Emporio Armani
    Amongst other designers, blue has also been a presence felt within many collections. For the upcoming summer, it is a definite colour to have setting into current trends! 

                                 Bottega Veneta
    Burberry Prorsum

    Jill Sander

    Whites - Spring/Summer 2012

    White was the most prominent color to be seen on the spring/summer 2012 runways from Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Perhaps due to the fact it is the lightest absorbing the least heat practical for the warm temperatures of the high seasons of July and August. The clothes were for the most simple (with minor details, apart from symmetrical cuts) and from appearance seemed to be comfortable. Fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, cashmere, and lamb skin were the favorites among many designers in enhancing soft complexions and smooth flow of the garments.

    Calvin Klein 
    Dior Homme
    Dolce & Gabbana
    John Varvatos
    Rick Owens
    Roberto Cavalli
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Thierry Mugler
    Yves Saint Laurent

    Monday, 16 April 2012

    Blog Opening

    Dear all, bienvenue! I would like to introduce my first blog which will feature fashion for men. I know this might sound like a silly idea, but I thought perhaps it would be proper since fashion is more seen for 'gals' than it is to 'gents'. I am a guy and happen to love fashion to which I aim to pursue a career when done with university. Having said that, I aim to post trends and news, accommodating to distinct styles as well as my own personal looks. I know this might not be of interest to everyone, but for those who are hope you enjoy! Merci