Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Outfit #1

Hey everyone! Here is my first outfit which I thought matched well with the trends of the color blue for spring and summer. Personally, I prefer to play and match different colors together unlike on my previous post where most runway looks projected blue from head to toe. Though I am into designers, it can be really expensive. I would have to save up for a couple months (aka spend less) or it would have to be a special occasion, like a birthday. And not to to brag, but that sometimes meant one present for the entire year, which isn't bad at all since it was my own choice. However affording top quality goods does not always have to be by a brand. As a student, and probably for most, I too look to more affordable outlets. Mixing designers with normal sets of clothing is not bad at all, or even without, its not the price you pay but most importantly how you wear them. And most of all, stay true to one and style! Mine leans towards casually classic, with suave cuts and not an excess of outspoken details (though a few can sometimes be okay).


  • Pique Blazer, €69.99, Pull&Bear, store Den Haag
  • Brown Cotton Chinos, €19.99, H&M, store Leiden
  • Spring/Summer 2011 Contrast Lace-ups, Gucci, store Paris

  • Can also viewed at: (online daily fashion photoblog)

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